I get asked a lot about Shakeology, how it can benefit you and what ingredients are in Shakeology. This page is dedicated to Shakeology facts and figures and will be continually updated! I, personally, believe that nutrition is KEY in any weight loss journey and success. Shakeology is filled with vital nutrients to help you maintain energy, keep you healthy, fill you with anti-oxidants, keep you full for up to 3 hours ALL while having the same nutrient content as 6 salads – in one shake!! The nutrition benefits contained in this shake are like NO OTHER! It is 100% NATURAL, no added yucky fillers and works WITH your body as fuel to help you get in and stay in great health! It’s easy, it’s healthy, it helps with cravings, it’s a no-brainer!! Here are some of it’s key ingredients:
• Phytonutrients – Blueberries also contain phytonutrients, yet in a much smaller dose than Shakeology. Certain phytonutrients have shown to have a positive affect on diseases such as cancer, stroke, and metabolic syndrome.
• Anti-Oxidants: Everyone has heard of anti-oxidants! You know, the agents that help keep you young and glowing?  Shakeology contains a high amount of anti-oxidants in every scoop! Anti-oxidants help you to stay healthy by increasing the effectiveness of your immune system by inhibiting oxidation of other molecules. Basically, they can aid in you not getting sick! Shakeology has a high content of vitamins and nutrients which keep you healthy during cold and flu season. Also, anti-oxidants aid in keeping your skin clean, helping your hair and nails to grow quickly and also help to give you energy!
• PROTEIN: Protein is vital in building and repairing muscle! When you are working out, your muscles need protein to be re-built. This also helps to keep you fuller longer, reduce cravings and also helps to balance out your blood sugar levels.
• Pre and Pro-Biotics: These are digestive enzymes that when taken regularly, can help in the processing and breaking down of food, helping to balance out your digestive system by introducing good bacteria as well as aiding in your regularity.


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