Shakeology — CLEAN Meal Replacement Shake

There are SO many protein shakes, weight-loss drinks, energy drinks and meal replacement shakes on the market today. It can be overwhelming to understand which is best for you and what the benefits are of each one. I get it — you want to be healthy, you want to make the right choice but also have a budget and also want to consume something that tastes good!! You ALSO need to consider WHAT it is that you are consuming!! SO many products on the market today are loaded with filler ingredients. Ingredients that are not best suited for consuming, but rather are there to improve the shelf-life of the product and to make it thicker, sweeter or just plain UN-healthy for you.


RETHINK YOUR DRINK — LOOK at what it is that you are consuming! What are the ingredients? Are they all-natural, are they derived from plant-based sources or were they created IN a plant!

rethink your drink


If any of these are listed or you think they are —– RETHINK YOUR DRINK!

—-> Mono-diglycerides: Hydrogenated oil ((used for a longer shelf-live)) This TRANS FAT (ew!) is trouble for your heart health & increases cholesterol. This solidifies at room temp., think about what it does to your insides! How is this healthy??

—-> Soy lecithin: Commonly used in processed foods. Side effects may cause gastrointestinal issues, hormone issues, allergies, weight gain (can aid in weight loss however). It has a “gummy”, “sludgey” consistency. Again – ew.

—–> Heavy Metals: Arsenic and lead from “filler” ingredients (not from the protein source) that can lead to many negative side effects.
*This won’t be listed as an ingredient, but it is tough to know if it is in fact a part of what you are drinking. Many recovery drinks or protein shakes on the market do in fact have these as part of their ingredients.

Need I say more?? Just be cognizant of what it is that you are drinking. There are many options that are better for you and for your overall health & that will help you lose weight.


Shakeology is BY FAR the best option on the market today, in my opinion, and here is why:

*It is LOADED with anti-oxidants to help fight disease and aging

*It helps your skin clear

*It helps with hair and nail growth

*It reduces sugar cravings

*Aids in muscle repair

*Acts as a SALAD tastes like CAKE


*Improves digestion and regularity

*Is the PERFECT ratio of fats:proteins:carbs

*Scientifically proven to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar

*Increases your energy

*Continued weight loss over time by replacing one meal/day with Shakeology

*Keeps you full for 2-3 hours

*Improves your mental clarity

*Loaded with a TON of vitamins and nutrients

*Boosts your immune system

*70 all-natural ingredients




Shakeology isn’t a PROTEIN SHAKE – it is a meal replacement shake! It offers you the perfect blending of fats:proteins:carbs so that your body and your metabolism can operate most efficiently. It simply cannot be compared to any other type of shake on the market today. All of it’s ingredients are derived from NATURAL plant-based sources. The sugars are from NATURAL sources — not chemical-laden, man-made, sugar substitutes. This is simply the BEST there is on the market today. Having this for your breakfast or lunch each day, ensures you that you will be having at least ONE meal that is SUPER HEALTHY — that is why it’s called, “the healthiest meal of the day”.


If you have any questions, or want to try Shakeology — leave a reply or click the link and I will get back to you! πŸ™‚



Have a Healthy Holiday Season!

The holidays are upon us!! Holiday music, dresses, the hustle and bustle of the season and let’s not forget — Holiday parties!! Although we love the holidays (or maybe not…lol) – they are HERE! It seems as though the Holiday season is a time when people can easily fore-go their healthy eating and workout routine because they are too busy and bombarded with so many unhealthy decisions. Wine, cookies platters, parties filled with goodies and decadent desserts — it’s no wonder people tend to pack on the pounds over the holidays!! People are moving less and eating more………Check out some of these holiday “treats” that are delicious, yes…..but can quickly add up and make your skinny jeans more and more “snug”.


Here are some tips to help keep the holiday pounds at bay and to enter into 2015 not feeling sluggish, tired, and feeling NOT at your BEST!

avoid holiday weight gain


1. Make sure to SCHEDULE your workouts with yourself! MAKE THEM HAPPEN! Once you start to slack on getting your workouts done, they get easier to NOT do. You don’t have to workout harder – you just need to workout SMARTER. All you need is 30 minutes, 5 days/week. Make sure the workouts are pushing you and making you sweat! Burning calories and pushing yourself for 30 minutes a day can have LONG-TERM benefits for your health. You owe it to yourself and your jeans will FIT you come Jan 1!

2. Alcohol inhibits your fat-burning capacity. So, is it worth it to have those cocktails? If so, alternate with water and don’t go crazy. The next-day feeling isn’t always worth it either. Alcohol also lowers your inhibitions and reflexes around that dessert table! lol……It also makes you retain water and want to eat greasy, fatty foods the next day! ……….why were you wanting that cocktail again….? πŸ˜‰

3. If you are invited to a Holiday party, bring something that YOU KNOW will be a healthy choice. Bring a veggie platter with hummus, slice cucumbers and add a greek yogurt dip. Bring turkey meatballs with a fresh, homemade tomato sauce. Pinterest has SO many options for healthy, clean alternatives that you can take to any Holiday party. Think ahead and have that ONE dish there that you can depend on having and it will keep your eating plan in check!

4. Don’t forget to drink your water throughout the day! Here’s a tip —> divide your body weight in half and drink that many ounces of water/day. For example, if you weigh 120 pounds, drink 60 ounces/water each day. Water will speed up your metabolism, help curb hunger, keep you full and help to keep you energized.

5. Throughout the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season, don’t forget to take care of YOU! PLAN your meals and snack AHEAD of time! Remember to eat small, clean meals every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism up. If you know you will be busy all day – bring food with you! There is no shame in my game!! haha……I know that if I don’t plan ahead, I will be starving and will have to resort to something that will not help me stay on track or feel my best! Keep almonds and raisins in your purse, always have water with you, bring hard-boiled eggs, diced veggies and a banana with you. Plan ahead so that you cannot fail. Fail to plan then plan to fail!

6. Around this time of year, all of us are placed in positions where food, desserts, drinks and candies are offered to us. Many times, we feel that if we say, “No thank you”, that we are being rude and inconsiderate. You need to think of you and how you will FEEL by saying “yes”. Is it your best yes? Is it going to make you feel good after saying yes? Will you regret that decision if you say yes? Do what is best for you! Before you know it, if you say “YES” to everyone and everything this Holiday season, you end up putting yourself and your needs last. You’re not being selfish, you’re not being rude — you are being true to yourself and to your goals — which are valuable! January 1 is going to come sooner than you know — how do you want to feel? Bloated, tired, groggy and not able to fit into your jeans? NO? OK — then stick to your guns and FOCUS on your GOALS and you will feel amazing when 2015 begins!



You owe it to YOURSELF to feel your best! You owe it to yourself to NOT throw your health and fitness out the window! You CAN reach your goals even though you are faced with parties, goodies, drinks and treats over these next few weeks and I can help you! If you are interested in staying accountable and NOT being a holiday weight gain statistic…..fill out this application and join my next Challenge. I will coach you through and offer you daily accountability, inspiration, clean recipes, and positive motivation once you COMMIT to a program and Shakeology for one month! What have you got to lose! Make this Holiday season your best yet! πŸ˜‰


Staying HEALTHY this Halloween

The day is HERE!! It’s Halloween!! πŸ˜‰Β  The endless candy bowls and bags of candy are surrounding you! The temptations are everywhere. IF you are on a fitness journey to get healthier and if you have GOALS you wish to achieve, then stick to your reasons for wanting to be BETTER, healthier, stronger or more fit! Those skinny jeans WILL fit IF you choose to stay on track! It is important to remember your WHY — WHY you chose to lose inches and pounds….WHY did you choose to start a new fitness journey…….WHY did you DECIDE to feel better? Ask yourself, “Would the extra candy be WORTH it?” Candy, yes, is delicious, I GET IT!! BUT — it also does nothing for you in terms of your GOALS!! I know that you have it within you to say NO to those Reeses PB cups!! IF you are already on a fitness journey, don’t RUIN all of your hard work with silly little candies!Β  Here is an example of how many exercises you would need to do in order to negate the candy you eat. I found this on-line and I think that it really helps to put things in perspective! πŸ˜‰




From now until the end of the year, temptations will be EVERYWHERE!! There will be cookies and cakes at the office, candy bowls in every doctor’s office and goodies on sale at every grocery store. Retailers will try to tempt you and market to your weaknesses. This is a time of year when people tend to use the holidays as an excuse to indulge a bit more, thus the holiday weight gain will ensue. DON’T BE A VICTIM!! πŸ™‚ THINK about what choices would be a *better* option for you. There are SO many clean eating options to choose instead. You will not only feel much better, you will not be sluggish, irritable or feel bloated. I realize the ONE piece of candy won’t have terrible effects on your overall health…..but who can stop at ONE?? I can’t, so that’s why I don’t even touch the stuff! Over time, however, sugar can have massive negative effects on your health. Cancer cells feed off of sugar! Sugar can also contribute to signs and symptoms of ((pre-mature)) aging ————> Um, no thank you! Here are some more things to be cognizant of, in terms of sugar consumption. Like I already mentioned, these results are over time, not just in one piece of candy. Sugars are in *many* foods — just be sure to read your nutrition labels if you aren’t already a clean eater. Be AWARE of what you’re putting in your body… WILL thank you later!




Sugar is the devil! The only thing it does well — is taste good!! Here are a few healthy & clean alternatives to satisfy your sweet tooth!



PEANUT BUTTER CUPS ARE MY WEAKNESS!! Here is a healthy alternative! πŸ˜‰

Shakeo PB cups



Also — if you are needing so HELPFUL TIPS on how to survive this candy-filled weekend……….here are some ideas:





1. STEEL CLEAR of the candy — -OUTTA SIGHT, OUTTA MIND!! I find that it’s less tempting if things aren’t around me! If you CAN — throw it out, ask your spouse to hide it or to put it in a place whereΒ  you can’t reach it!


2. If you are going to a Halloween party and you know the temptations will be EVERYWHERE, eat before you go and bring a healthy dish to share.


3. Drink WATER to help keep you full!


4. Create a healthy alternative like the ones above to fulfill your sweet tooth! — > Keep it clean!


5. If you don’t HAVE to buy the candy — then DON’T!! Retailers will discount the huge bags for you to buy because of the price! DON’T give in! Just walk on by! πŸ˜‰


6. If you are going to indulge — -then be sure to track it! Keeping tabs on your daily caloric intake will help you to be more cognizant of what it is that you eat. Myfitnesspall is a great app to help you do this.


7. MOVE! You can burn off the extra calories or if you already ARE on a fitness journey, don’t sabotage it by indulging in your child’s candy bag! πŸ˜‰ YOU ARE WORTH YOUR GOALS!!


If you would LIKE to START a fitness journey with me, let me know! Comment below and I will be in touch shortly!




Clean Grocery Shopping in 30 Minutes!

So, this weekend, I will admit – I was lazy and did not go to the grocery store to plan/prep my meals for the week. What’s that saying…..FAIL TO PLAN then PLAN TO FAIL?? OOOOh — riiiight…..yes, that is exactly what happened to me!! It was Monday and I was stuck eating eggs, some random veggies we had left in the freezer, 5 almonds and then my daughter’s snacks!! NOT. GOOD!


Needless to say, it left me feeling unprepared, starving, and disappointed in myself for not going to the market, when I had time, over the weekend! So off I went, bright and early this morning ((childless, I may add….yay)), grabbed a coffee, put on some personal development on my iPhone and listened as I shopped!! Multi-tasking at it’s best! πŸ˜‰


Here are some tips for fast and efficient grocery shopping that will leave you with healthy, clean-eatin’ foods!




Quick and Efficient Grocery Shopping in Under 30 Minutes:

KEY —–> SHOP THE PERIMETER of the store

Stick to the produce section ————> THINK

Veggies (peppers, cucumbers, cauliflower, tomatoes, onions, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes………. GO NUTS!)

Fruits (apples, berries, grapes, bananas, melon, pears………..)



Move to the back of the store for lean proteins ————–> THINK

Chicken Breast

Lean Ground Turkey

Lean Ground Chicken


Turkey Sausage


Then move to the DAIRY section ————–> THINK

Greek Yogurt

Low fat cheeses


Egg Whites

Cottage Cheese, lowfat





Organic Waffles

Organic Turkey Sausage








Olive Oil

Coconut Oil

Balsamic Vinegar




shop the perimiter


I hope that this quick post will help you to get started on how and what to buy while at the market. Once you have a “system” down…you can be finished with your shopping for the week in 30 minutes!! I am a busy mom and I don’t have time to search and seek throughout the store. You need to go in with a plan, shop the perimeter, grab a few items in the aisles and be done! FIRST plan out your weekly meals and make your meal plan and then go shopping. Below is an example of a meal plan that I use for The 21 Day Fix:

Meal Plan 21 Day Fix 2




Take time on a Sunday to go over different meal options for the week.

Write down the items that you will need for your meals.

Grab them at the store.


PLAN AHEAD & PREP your meals ahead of time:

Slice and dice all of your fruits and veggies to have them ready and ON HAND for grab & go!

Hard Boil eggs

Sort out your almonds and put them in baggies/containers

Bake chicken andΒ  sweet potatoes for the week

Have a water bottle that is easy to refill

Use mustard’s and balsamic vinegars to use as “dressings”


PLAN AHEAD to be prepared for the week ahead. NO ONE wanted to be forced to go through a drive-thru because you are famished! Have something always on hand to have in case of an “emergency”, I always have almonds in my bag and my huge jug of water.


YOU ARE WORTH IT —- Take the time to plan and you WILL NOT FAIL!!! πŸ™‚










Eating Out Healthy Tips

Everyone loves dining out! It can be such a treat! You get waited on, you can relax and enjoy the company you’re with, you have a variety of food to choose from — and you don’t have to cook and clean for yourself!! I totally GET IT!!!

While eating out is fun and exciting, it can also derail any weight-loss journey and/or new, healthy, clean-eating plan that you may be working so hard to remain loyal to. There ARE ways to still enjoy a meal away from the safety of your kitchen, and NOT sabotage your plans of staying healthy.

Here are a few simple tips that may help you the next time you decide to dine out:

*First of all — look at the restaurant’s menu ahead of time, before heading out. Most restaurant’s now-a-days, have their menus available to you on-line. Some of them even provide you with the calorie content of each meal. If they don’t, that is okay too. Simply look to see what you think you may like, and either google the average calorie content and several pages will pop up for you to learn about calories in foods that you, yourself won’t prepare. Also, a great app for your phone is MyFitnessPal. This is wonderful to download on your smartphone for you to have accessible information and be “in-the-know” as far as calorie counts at all times!

*Stay away from anything fried, breaded, sauteed, creamy, or even blackened. There are extra calories and fat that are not that nutritious for you and won’t help you to stick with the clean-eating plan or to your weight loss journey.

*STICK WITH foods that are baked, grilled, broiled, or steamed.

*Ask for your dressing on the side. If you must go with a heavier salad dressing, just dip your fork in the dressing first, then into your salad. You will save fat, sugars and calories that way. If you are really focused and serious about losing weight & staying healthy — use oil and vinegar (a splash or two of oil), or even just lemon on your salad.

*Split a meal with a friend, that way you are only eating half of the HUGE portion that most restaurants serve today.

*Eat half and box the rest! Ask for a to-go box as soon asΒ  you get your food, and pack up half! That way it’s outta sight and outta mind! You will be less likely to be tempted to”pick” at what remains even when you are full!

*Don’t drink your calories! Stay away from daiquiris, creamy drinks, and alcohol. Instead, have club soda with lemon, lime or an orange. Enjoy a tea or coffee or even a hot water with lemon.

*Order a side salad or steamed veggies instead of fries

*Select a meal that has lean meats and veggies as their main contents

*Watch the condiments. Mustard, vinegars, seasonings and hot sauces are generally calorie-free and follow along with a clean-eating plan!

*Skip the dessert or get a bite-sized version πŸ™‚

ENJOY yourself — this doesn’t have to be a depressing venture…… is a NEW way of thinking about food that will not only help you to feel better and give you new energy – it will help to ensure that you will be a long-term success and that you will be able to ROCK any outfit that you choose!


Please feel free to comment below or send me an email if you have any questions!



eating out tips 2