What is Insanity MAX 30 & When Can I Get It?



Shaun T, the mastermind and creator of the creator of Hip Hop Abs, Rockin Body, Insanity, Insanity the Asylum, T25 is at it AGAIN!!! If you loved his programs and have seen or experienced the amazing results that you can get from them– then you will LOVE Insanity Max 30!! Shredded abs, smaller jeans and the endorphin high are all possible with his programs!!

December 2nd is the launch date and it can’t come soon enough!! This ((advanced)) program is going to be killer and challenge you like no other!! It is tabata mixed with cardio & strength workouts that are designed to give you a KILLER 30 minute workout. The entire program is comprised of 150 NEW moves that will create RESULTS!! I LOVE a new fitness challenge and am SO excited to grab my copy in a few days!!


WHO is this workout for?

This is an advanced workout. If you haven’t worked out in a long time…or are new to working out, I would start with t25 and then jump into this workout.

There ARE modifiers for every workout for you to follow. Athletes, runners, or those who want something EXTRA in addition to a gym routine can ALL benefit from this program . Max 30 will increase your strength, your endurance and your stamina in terms of your fitness level.


You CAN definitely shed fat and build strength with  this program! If you are seeking to lose weight or want a “lean look” — this program will get you there!





Insanity Max 30 is the ONE workout that will allow you to ONLY be in competition with YOUrself! Each workout is only 30 minutes long.  Each day you need to keep a record of when you “max out” — or, when you need to stop and take a break. The idea is that as you progress through the 60 day program, you will see how much stronger and how much more physically fit you become because you will condition yourself to go longer and longer without needing to take a break.  The goal is to beat YOUR time from the previous week. The moves are BOTH cardio AND strength and you will only use your OWN BODYWEIGHT as your equipment! This program is five days/week, 30 minutes/day. Shaun T STRESSES the importance of the 2 rest days. They are important for your body to rest and recover. Rest and recovery is JUST as important to your workout as putting in the hard work through all of the sweat and maybe some tears! haha…

This program will CERTAINLY require you to DIG DEEP as Shaun T likes to say….and I LOVE that it will be a challenge and ONLY 30 minutes/day! As a busy mommy – I can’t really afford to spend MORE than that amount of time with each workout – so this will be perfect!



Here is a breakdown of the workouts within Max 30, broken down into Mont 1 & Month 2 for a total of 60 days:

((Low-Impact MODIFIER for all workouts!))

Month 1:
Cardio Challenge:
The 1st workout and you use it as your guide and your first “fit test”.
It is all cardio-based & comprised of —  4 1/2 minute interval/30 second rest.
Sweat Intervals:
Cardio-type intervals that will make you drip with sweat and it is formatted much like the intervals in “Cardio Challenge”.
Tabata Power:
Think  – Plyometrics & core work!  Great ab block in this one too!!
Friday Fight:
A killer workout to end the week!!
Bonus —> Pulse workout for Saturday ((optional)). It’s more of a pulse, balance, modifier type workout that focuses on core, balance and form.
Workouts are still 30 minutes.
New workouts —>
Max Out Cardio & Max Out Sweat these include —  5 1/2 minutes of power moves and then you take a break!
Tabata Workout- Max out Strength and Max Out Power
45 seconds on 15 second rest for 6 rounds, plus a lil something “extra” at the end!
Friday Fight Round 2:
It’s just killer round 2. 🙂

BONUS workout available ONLY through a Beachbody Coach:

SWEAT FEST is the coach exclusive that you only get when you buy from a coach.  This  workout features old Insanity cast members and coaches. It is a FUN workout that can be thrown into this program for some fun and and to add on to any of the workouts!



Here is a video for you to see what it is all about! Shaun T is inviting you to MAX OUT!


Tracking calendars are also included for you to actually SEE how much you improve! I think this is such a great idea because even though you go maybe 8 minutes before “maxing out” – the prior week, you could have gone 5 minutes. It is so important for you to see your improvements and how much MORE you are accomplishing each week!


Nutrition Guide

Your nutrition is 70-80% of your results!!

This program also comes with a Nutrition Guide AND a Restaurant Guide! I know that there have been times when Challengers are not sure what to have while dining out and they want to stay on track. This program will help you to do that. Also, the nutrition guide follows an eating plan similar to that of the 21 Day Fix in terms of portion control (Deluxe Kit only) You can receive the same container system which makes things  SUPER easy to follow! Also — Shaun T guides you through instances when you feel extra hungry and you aren’t sure what to eat — you may need a carb, a protein or a fat. This guide will tell you what is best to eat for RESULTS! There is nothing worse than being starved and to be unsure what to eat because you still want to remain on track. It is IMPORTANT to EAT to see the results that you want – yet it is also important to eat the right foods.Portion control is used with this program and it is SUPER easy to follow!


The Deluxe Kit comes with 3 extra workouts and the portion controlled containers.




Insanity Max 30 launches on December 2nd! Click on this link to create a free Beachbody account and to have me as your coach. Once you do so, you can contact me via your Beachbody account by clicking on “Contact my coach” and send me a message for more information.

Also — click here to be added to the email notifier for Max 30. Once it is released, you will receive an email.



OR — To be considered for my Insanity Max 30 CHALLENGE GROUP, please complete this application:


Pre-Black Friday Sale — Fitness Steals & Deals

I LOVE a good deal or an amazing sale!! However, I am NOT one to go out on Thanksgiving eve or even get up in the middle of the night to hit a sale that begins at some indecent hour! I will however, sit at home, in my cozies, by the fire and search for sales on-line.  Window shopping from home — sign me up! 😉

black friday deals


Being that I am a Beachbody Fitness & Health Coach, I want to share with you the Black TUESDAY Steals & Deals that will be going on later today.



Here is SOME of what is included:


black friday sale


Here are some testimonials and transformations from SOME of the programs that are on SALE:

TurboFire — Originally $79.90 — on sale for $39.95!




P90X — Originally $120 — on sale for $50 ((PLUS you will receive P90 plus for FREE, a $60 value))




Les Mills PUMP ((another FAV!!)) — Originally $165 — NOW ONLY $66.95 ((comes with barbell & weights))




Not only are these great treats for YOU they also make wonderful GIFTS! #giftofhealh

Click on this link at 8:00 PM EST when the sale launches to grab these deals! They WILL SELL OUT FAST! 😉






Have a Healthy Holiday Season!

The holidays are upon us!! Holiday music, dresses, the hustle and bustle of the season and let’s not forget — Holiday parties!! Although we love the holidays (or maybe not…lol) – they are HERE! It seems as though the Holiday season is a time when people can easily fore-go their healthy eating and workout routine because they are too busy and bombarded with so many unhealthy decisions. Wine, cookies platters, parties filled with goodies and decadent desserts — it’s no wonder people tend to pack on the pounds over the holidays!! People are moving less and eating more………Check out some of these holiday “treats” that are delicious, yes…..but can quickly add up and make your skinny jeans more and more “snug”.


Here are some tips to help keep the holiday pounds at bay and to enter into 2015 not feeling sluggish, tired, and feeling NOT at your BEST!

avoid holiday weight gain


1. Make sure to SCHEDULE your workouts with yourself! MAKE THEM HAPPEN! Once you start to slack on getting your workouts done, they get easier to NOT do. You don’t have to workout harder – you just need to workout SMARTER. All you need is 30 minutes, 5 days/week. Make sure the workouts are pushing you and making you sweat! Burning calories and pushing yourself for 30 minutes a day can have LONG-TERM benefits for your health. You owe it to yourself and your jeans will FIT you come Jan 1!

2. Alcohol inhibits your fat-burning capacity. So, is it worth it to have those cocktails? If so, alternate with water and don’t go crazy. The next-day feeling isn’t always worth it either. Alcohol also lowers your inhibitions and reflexes around that dessert table! lol……It also makes you retain water and want to eat greasy, fatty foods the next day! ……….why were you wanting that cocktail again….? 😉

3. If you are invited to a Holiday party, bring something that YOU KNOW will be a healthy choice. Bring a veggie platter with hummus, slice cucumbers and add a greek yogurt dip. Bring turkey meatballs with a fresh, homemade tomato sauce. Pinterest has SO many options for healthy, clean alternatives that you can take to any Holiday party. Think ahead and have that ONE dish there that you can depend on having and it will keep your eating plan in check!

4. Don’t forget to drink your water throughout the day! Here’s a tip —> divide your body weight in half and drink that many ounces of water/day. For example, if you weigh 120 pounds, drink 60 ounces/water each day. Water will speed up your metabolism, help curb hunger, keep you full and help to keep you energized.

5. Throughout the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season, don’t forget to take care of YOU! PLAN your meals and snack AHEAD of time! Remember to eat small, clean meals every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism up. If you know you will be busy all day – bring food with you! There is no shame in my game!! haha……I know that if I don’t plan ahead, I will be starving and will have to resort to something that will not help me stay on track or feel my best! Keep almonds and raisins in your purse, always have water with you, bring hard-boiled eggs, diced veggies and a banana with you. Plan ahead so that you cannot fail. Fail to plan then plan to fail!

6. Around this time of year, all of us are placed in positions where food, desserts, drinks and candies are offered to us. Many times, we feel that if we say, “No thank you”, that we are being rude and inconsiderate. You need to think of you and how you will FEEL by saying “yes”. Is it your best yes? Is it going to make you feel good after saying yes? Will you regret that decision if you say yes? Do what is best for you! Before you know it, if you say “YES” to everyone and everything this Holiday season, you end up putting yourself and your needs last. You’re not being selfish, you’re not being rude — you are being true to yourself and to your goals — which are valuable! January 1 is going to come sooner than you know — how do you want to feel? Bloated, tired, groggy and not able to fit into your jeans? NO? OK — then stick to your guns and FOCUS on your GOALS and you will feel amazing when 2015 begins!



You owe it to YOURSELF to feel your best! You owe it to yourself to NOT throw your health and fitness out the window! You CAN reach your goals even though you are faced with parties, goodies, drinks and treats over these next few weeks and I can help you! If you are interested in staying accountable and NOT being a holiday weight gain statistic…..fill out this application and join my next Challenge. I will coach you through and offer you daily accountability, inspiration, clean recipes, and positive motivation once you COMMIT to a program and Shakeology for one month! What have you got to lose! Make this Holiday season your best yet! 😉


Clean Coffee

I LOOOOOVE my coffee in the morning! I love to wake up and smell the coffee….literally!! haha!! I am a clean-eater and I I don’t want to have to resort to a chemical-laden coffee creamer.


Typically, I can drink it black with a little cinnamon and maybe a teaspoon of coconut oil. The other morning I decided to blend them all together and see how that concoction turned out. IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!!! It tasted like a coffeehouse drink that you pay $5 for. It was creamy and delicious and I will be doing this every morning! 😉

clean coffee


*12 oz of coffee

*one tsp of coco oil

*cinnamon to taste


BLEND all together and enjoy!!


Believing In the Power of Your Dreams

As I sit here in sunny Florida, feeling the sun, smelling the fresh air and hearing the chatter of 30+ girls discuss their dreams! I am floored at how much my life has changed within the past year.

A year ago, I was a substitute teacher, loving the work, but not able to find solid employment. I also wasn’t happy having to leave my baby girl while I worked all day. I knew I had to go and that I had to use my education! After all…why else did I go to college and earn not one, but TWO masters degrees?! My heart was at home, my dreams were BIGGER and I KNEW that I wanted MORE out of my life……I just didn’t know HOW I was going to achieve that.

I was always a ” believer ” or a dreamer….my hubby always calls me a dreamer! I knew that life has more to offer than just a cubicle, a mortgage payment and two days out of the week to yourself. I knew that other people in this world had different lives. Lives that are happy, fulfilling and full of joy! I just needed to find mine.


Fitness and healthy living was always a passion of mine! About a year ago, I was researching new at-home fitness workouts and stumbled upon Beachbody. I found my coach through this search and was SUPER skeptical about what it was that she does. I continued to research and find out more because it looked like a lifestyle that I would love. It also looked like it could pay my bills! Haha! I signed up and paid the $39.95 fee and thought that you only miss the chances you aren’t bold enough to take. I waited a month to actually do anything with the business….still a bit skeptical…but once I felt a little more certain of it all, I was ALL IN and I haven’t looked back yet.


These past 9 months have been LIFE CHANGING. This business isn’t about selling shakes and workout DVDs, like so many believe it to be. It’s about letting go of what holds you back, reaffirming that you are made for so much more than the status-quo. There is a “norm” that is placed upon us by society. You are almost expected to live a certain way, and to do certain things and be “okay” with not being in love with your life. I disagree! Life is meant to be lived! If I had never followed my passion for fitness, I would never have found this opportunity that has changed my life and will continue to do so.

What is your passion? Find what speaks to you. What gives you butterflies to think about? What do you love to do that you could get lost in for hours? Find it! Follow it and discover a way to make it your living. It is your purpose and why you are on this earth. Search until you KNOW that you’ve found it. You will discover how much better your world can become and you deserve to know how that truly feels.

If you think coaching may be something that you’re interested in, leave a comment……you never know….it could just change your life! 🙂