Clean Eating Kitchen Makeover!

Okay –so you have a piqued interest in clean eating, and you want to start to make a change not only for YOUR health, but for your family. It all starts in the kitchen! If you have food that isn’t good for you – readily available, it is very easy to grab it when you are hungry and in a pinch. SO — what do you do?? GET RID OF IT!! Make this easy on yourself and avoid things that while they may taste good, are not so good for your body.


clean eating kitchen makeover




Clean Out the Pantry, Refrigerator and Cabinets

Start by going through what is already in your kitchen. Look at the ingredients in your foods. Can you pronounce each ingredient? Do you need a dictionary or Google to learn what they are and how they work in your body? If the answer is “yes” — then ditch them! They are no good for you and your body won’t know how to digest them. The more equip your diet, the more equip your body is at shedding unwanted pounds and fat. If your body **knows** what you are eating (ie., fruits, veggies, fish, nuts….) then it knows what to do and how to digest and use the food efficiently for fuel and energy.

Go through each food and most likely, if it came in a package, it is considered “un-clean”….even the “healthy” stuff like fiber bars, sugar-free items, foods that needed some kind of cultivating, processing and were made in a factory can be considered “un-clean”. Have snacks and foods that are healthy for you, readily available. Ditch the processed foods —- outta sight, outta mind! Get RID of anything that a well-seasoned athlete wouldn’t eat. If a box of Oreo’s constantly tempts you….ditch it! If the peanut butter cups are oh-so-good after dinner, give them away! If tempting foods are constantly  in your line of vision or easily accessible, they can easily sabotage your efforts to clean up your diet.


Plan Ahead  & Be Well-Armed!

Studies have shown that a great majority of our food is eaten solely because it is placed in front of us. We mindlessly eat because it is in our environment and easy to grab. This adds unnecessary calories and fat to our diets that we can easily control.
In order to solve this problem, have healthy, clean foods and snacks ready to go and already prepared so that when you are hungry, you can easily grab them.

Once you get home from grocery shopping, sort out your foods and snacks in individual baggies or containers. Place 14 almonds in baggies, sort out a cup of carrots and put them in tupperware. Place a serving size of oatmeal (once cooked) in a mason jar or tupperware.


Out-Smart Yourself

If you are hungry and needing something to eat, are you more likely to grab something that is in the front of the pantry or fridge or in the back, hidden and un-discoverable? Just like in the grocery store, items that are easily accessible and at your chest level or in your line of vision are subject to your impulsive-buying. Think about what it is you NEED vs. what it is you WANT and search for the items at the store, but place them in your line of vision at home.

Place your fruits on the counter in a fruit bowl. Have your veggies, washed, chopped and ready to eat. Protein is important to consume in order to not only keep you fuller, longer; but to also help you build lean muscle. So, take some time on a Sunday and boil eggs, bake/grill chicken, pork, fish. Make tuna salad in advance, have plain greek yogurt or regular yogurt pre-measured and ready for some honey and cinnamon! Have things ON-HAND and ready to go, so that you are never left scrambling and starving —- these are NEVER a good combo! They lead to drive-through visits, eating empty-calories mindlessly and sabotaging any get-healthy plan you may have.


It’s time to replace certain condiments and ingredients for other, more “clean” substitutes.  One mistake I made for YEARS was to buy and consume everything “fat-free”, “sugar-free, “zero-calorie” and basically chemically made that will not give me any unwanted calories. BIG mistake! All of these products are filled with unhealthy and un-necessary chemicals that do damage to my body. You may think that what you are buying and eating is for your betterment, but what your body needs is real, wholesome foods — not anything fake or chemically laced.

There’s NOTHING that a “magic drink” or “magic pill” can do for you like what clean eating does! True story! Clean eating will have LONG-LASTING, wholesome results. It will condition your heart, your skin, your insides as well as your outside! There is no “quick-fix” on the road to better health.
Here is a list of some things to replace for your HEALTH ((trust me — you WONT gain weight if you do! Your body will KNOW what to do with these products and therefore, be more able to shed excess fat and inches)

*Butter Spray ——-> Real Butter/Olive Oil/Coconut Oil/Grapeseed Oil/Almond Oil

*”Diet” anything for the “Real” thing

*Soda —-> carbonated flavored water or carbonated water with fresh fruit

*White rice ——-> Brown rice/Quinoa

*White Pasta ——-> Whole grain pasta

*Beef Burgers ——-> Turkey Burgers

*Ground Beef ————-> Ground turkey/chicken/pork

*Salad dressings ———-> Oil & Vinegar or any clean salad dressing

*Sugar-free ——–> add honey or stevia

*In place of oil is baking ——> use applesauce (unsweetened)

*Mayonaise —–> avocado or mustard

*Regular ketchup ——-> organic ketchup made with cane sugar or all-natural ingredients

*Mashed potatoes —–> Smashed cauliflower (recipe here)

*Sugar-free jam ——-> All-natural jam like Polaner’s All-Fruit

*Sweet candy —–> dried fruits or raisins

*Ice cream ——> Purred frozen bananas or mango with honey or Frozen Yogurt

These are just a *few* things that you can do to clean up your diet and here are some more.  BOTTOM LINE: don’t eat anything sugar-free, fat-free or zero-calorie! 😉



1. Clean out the kitchen — get RID of anything with ingredients you can’t pronounce! Outta sight, outta mind!

2. Go grocery shopping and pre-plan your meals and snacks; sort them out in individual containers/baggies ahead of time.

3. Place things in your kitchen where you can seek and find them, so you can easily grab them.

4. If it isn’t something a well-seasoned athlete would eat, toss it!

5. Switch out chemical-filled foods with all-natural, healthier options.

Start SLOW and give yourself time to adjust to a new, clean-eating way of life! You will feel so much better, have more energy, sleep better and have glowing skin! 🙂




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