Why Women Should Lift Weights

For the longest time, my fitness routine consisted of 90% cardio and 10% strength training. I felt that I needed to have a killer cardio sesh in order to burn calories and to improve my fitness. While that was all well and good, and I DID, in fact burn calories during the workout; I wasn’t gaining any benefits after my workout was over and I was parked on the couch!  By incorporating weights and strength training into your workout, you are building muscle that will help your body efficiently burn fuel while at rest.






I know, I know……..us girls are afraid of getting BEASTLY and huge with added muscle  from lifting weights. That’s NOT true! Our bodies don’t produce enough testosterone in order to make us “bulky”. Be mindful of  your calories in and calories out….and you won’t become big and bulky. MyFitnessPal or any free calorie/exercise tracker app is great to use daily  in order to keep track of your nutrients and food intake. I will be following the 21 Day Fix eating plan simply because it’s easy and I don’t need to actually count calories as I just follow the allotted amount of categories I am allowed/day. Incorporating weight/strength training into your workout routine has a multitude of benefits. I LOVE research! It’s wonderful for someone to tell you to lift weights and that you will feel better, burn more fat and look better; and it’s another thing to have those claims backed by scientific research! I found an interesting article from http://www.womenshealthmag.com that encourages women to weight train for a number of beneficial reasons:


You’ll Build Stronger Bones
As you age, bone mass goes to pot, which increases your likelihood of one day suffering a debilitating fracture. The good news: A study found that 16 weeks of resistance training increased hip bone density and elevated blood levels of osteocalcin—a marker of bone growth–by 19 percent.

You’ll Get Into Shape Faster
A study found that circuit training with weights raises your heart rate 15 beats per minute higher than if you ran at 60 to 70 percent of your max heart rate. This approach strengthens muscles and provides cardiovascular benefits similar to those of aerobic exercise—so you save time without sacrificing results!

You’ll Be Happier
Yoga isn’t the only Zen-inducing kind of exercise. Researchers found that people who performed three weight training workouts a week for six months significantly improved their scores on measures of anger and overall mood.

You’ll Burn More Calories
After each strength workout, your muscles need energy to repair their fibers. In fact, researchers found that when people did a total-body workout with just three big-muscle moves, their metabolisms were raised for 39 hours afterward. They also burned a greater percentage of calories from fat compared with those who didn’t lift.

The “after-burn” effect is great for burning calories while at rest vs. cardio, which allows you to burn calories mainly while exercising.

You’ll Live Longer
University of South Carolina researchers determined that total-body strength is linked to lower risks of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer. Similarly, other scientists found that being strong during middle age is associated with “exceptional survival,” defined as living to the age of 85 without developing a major disease.

You’ll Lose 40 Percent More Fat
If you think being a cardio queen is the key to blasting belly fat, think again!! Researchers at Penn State put dieters into three groups—no exercise, aerobic exercise only, or aerobic exercise and weight training—they all lost around 21 pounds, but the lifters shed six more pounds of fat than those who didn’t pump iron. Why? The lifters’ loss was almost pure fat; the others lost fat and muscle.

Other research on dieters who don’t lift shows that, on average, 75 percent of their weight loss is from fat, while 25 percent is from muscle. Muscle loss may drop your scale weight, but it doesn’t improve your reflection in the mirror and it makes you more likely to gain back the flab you lost. However, if you weight train and follow an appropriate nutrition plan, you’ll protect your hard-earned muscle and burn more fat.

Your Clothes Will Fit Better
Research shows that between the ages of 30 and 50, you’ll likely lose 10 percent of your body’s total muscle. Worse yet, it’s likely to be replaced by fat over time, says a study. And that increases your waist size, because one pound of fat takes up 18 percent more space than one pound of muscle.

More info on this topic can be found here: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/weight-exercises-women


LIFT those weights ladies!! The benefits certainly outweigh the negative aspects of it……actually I can’t really think of any negative aspects of weight training! 😉






Ask, Believe, Receive

I’ve always been one who believed in a higher power and in things unseen. My faith has always been strong and I have always had a relationship with God. Recently however, this has become much stronger and through personal development, I have felt so much closer to Him.

One of the facets of Beachbody coaching, is personal development, as I mentioned. This “requirement” of sorts becomes addicting as you begin to learn about yourself and grow into a stronger person each day. I look forward to reading and learning and my quiet reading time that used to be filled with novels and historical fiction, is now streamed with books on personal growth and leadership!

One area I choose to grow in is within my spirituality. As I read more about God and how much he wants us to believe in him, and to have faith in him and within ourselves, I feel more calm and at ease with my life. My anxiety levels have been reduced, my happiness has been increased and when I used to crave all-things “un-nurturing”, I now crave God!


What’s even crazier……is the fact that what I’ve been praying for to happen in my life…..IS HAPPENING! God is answering prayers and allowing things to occur in my life that I prayed on. Ask…believe….receive!!


God is so good! I fully believe that if you stay in faith, release your fears, develop a relationship with God and do your best, each and everyday….even when things aren’t going your “way”; God will bestow blessings onto your life that you didn’t think were possible! He loves you and wants nothing but the best for you! Ask…..believe……receive! The best is yet to come!!



AHHHHHH!! I am so excited to have become a Diamond Beachbody coach!! In layman’s terms, this is an advancement or a “promotion”! 🙂

I started my Beachbody journey in January of this year and fell in love from the start. I am a part of something SO much bigger than me and continue to meet the most amazing, uplifting and inspiring people who are doing the same thing that I am! What has me hooked is the fact that I get to HELP people become healthy, fit and HAPPY!! There is NOTHING like receiving messages from my Challengers that say how happy they are and how much better they feel from losing weight and inches. The support and accountability they receive from the groups is amazing and sets the stage for more success and happiness to come. Do you know how good it feels to be able to help others and to CHANGE LIVES??



I truly LOVE doing what I am doing and to advance and achieve more and more each month is a feeling that is just indescribable!! In a typical job, a 9-5 – this isn’t even an option. There is no way to go from a clerk to a manager in a few months. There is no way to become the CEO of a company in less than a year! You are your OWN CEO in this business!! I own my OWN health and fitness company!! I am the master of my own ship and can decide where to drive the course of my life and this girl is going places!! 😉  You have to THINK BIG — your dreams need to be so big that they SCARE you!! The sky is the limit with Beachbody coaching. I am so driven to be a future top coach and nothing will stop me! It’s  such an amazing feeling to know that there is no cap on how far you can go and on how many LIVES YOU CAN CHANGE!!!



If you would like to be a member of my {{{growing and}}} amazing team, The Shine Bright Dynasty, please complete the form below and I will respond within 24 hours! 🙂






The Different Types of Beachbody Coaches

There are so many options with Beachbody. Not only do they offer a number of top of the line, world-class fitness programs, they also offer you the opportunity to become a coach and you have the CHOICE as to what type of coach YOU want to be. YES – you have a choice with that too!!

I would like to break it down for you in order for you to fully understand what type of coach YOU think you would like to be. As I mentioned, you have choices! This is YOUR business and Beachbody offers you a platform and the opportunity to receive discounts, provide a few extra hundred dollars/month for you and your family, or the opportunity to really build your own business however you like, in your own time and in your own way. All it takes is a $40 “start up fee” (which is MUCH less than most start-up businesses) which is often waived if you were to purchase a Challenge Pack at/around the same time as deciding to become a coach….so in other words, it can be FREE to do.

Here is a simple outline which explains the different types of coaches.


You love the benefits of both Beachbody fitness programs and also Shakeology and want to receive 25% off of all of you future purchases. This is a great option for someone who doesn’t necessarily want to work the business or build one of their own; but rather, would like to reap the rewards of being a coach by receiving a discount on any Beachbody purchase.


Typically, this type of coach has already participated in a Challenge Group after purchasing a month’s supply of Shakeology as well as a fitness program. They loved how they felt each day as they checked in with the group, worked out and had their Shakeo and want to pay it forward to others. This type of coach will be able to run their own Challenge Groups each month, and in doing so, be able to provide extra income for their families each month. What would an extra $300/month do for you and your family?


This type of coach, is like myself in that they are looking to build a solid business and team of their own. They love Beachbody products, they believe whole-heartegly in the products and want to pay it forward and also want to warn a significant income as a coach. This type of coach is ALL IN and participates in all of the trainings and opportunities that are offered in order to grow your business. This types of coach is  consistent, persistent, creative, personable and has a desire to be a legit entrepreneur.

So, now that you have been given a little more information about what type of coach you could be…what do you think would be best suited for you and your life’s goals?