The 21 Day Fix — RESULTS

One of my challengers ((who is now a coach on my team!!)) Julie, needed something to help get her back on track in terms of feeling fit and healthy and to give her more energy. She is a busy teacher and needed something that could be realistic in terms of time and preparation. She is also preparing for her wedding and wanted to FEEL her absolute BEST on her special day! Before her teaching career began, she was very focused on fitness and eating clean. As life got busy and moved forward, it got harder and harder to make the time to focus on her best self. She came to me because she wanted to feel better, stronger and more fit! The 21 day Fix was THE BEST option in my opinion. It not only teaches you HOW to eat to allow your body to lose weight…..but it is healthy and sustainable! You WILL NOT STARVE!! This plan allows you to EAT and eat clean!! Shakeology is included in the eating plan and helps with sweet tooth cravings, appetite control and increases your energy levels! If you want to FEEL YOUR BEST and want to get in tip top shape with only 30 minute workouts — the 21 Day Fix is your answer!! She lost over 3 pounds with the Fix (she didn’t have much to lose); more importantly, she toned up, built lean muscle, and is now FULL of energy. She has a certain “glow” about her now, people have said….and it shows!! Julie couldn’t be happier and will be SO happy walking down the aisle!! Her “review” of the Fix:

“I’ve never been so impacted by a program! My goal was to tone up, which I achieved in addition to clearer skin, higher energy, and more positive attitude overall. I lost inches all over (mainly waist/hips) and am feeling stronger than ever. I NEVER thought I could do it but this program has totally boosted my confidence and drive to achieve my goals. So ready to rock round 2!” — JULIE

To be in my next Free 21 Day Fix Challenge Group and have AMAZING results,  complete the form below!! 🙂







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