PiYo — Week One






Week One of PiYo is over and I am honestly LOOOOOOVING this workout series!! I’ll be honest, it started out slower than I would have liked and DEFINITELY left me wanting MORE!! I has started to get nervous that the program wasn’t going to give me what I needed (I LOVE a tough workout). I then thought — this is CHALENE….she **always** gives a great workout — I need to TRUST the program!! The program is specifically designed to get you the BEST results and Chalene certainly knows what she is doing!! Let’s just say…..my hamstrings were VERY sore after the Sweat workout (I guess it’s entitled “Sweat” for a reason).

The beginning workouts are short, Upper Body is 20 minutes, for example and Align, The Fundamentals is Chalene Johnson showing you the basic moves of the program.The program for the first week is as follows:

Monday – ALIGN: The Fundamentals

Tuesday – Define: Lower Body (20 min)

Wednesday – Define: Upper Body (20 min)

Thursday – Sweat (and boy did I sweat!!) (36 min)

Friday – REST 😉

Saturday – Define: Lower Body (20 min)

Sunday – Define: Upper Body (20 min)

I have already lost a half inch on my arms!!! YAY!! This program is amazing and uses NO WEIGHTS — just your own body weight as resistance, so it can be done anywhere! This will be great for our summer vacations. I can take the DVD’s and my lap top and workout in the hotel room or ON THE BEACH! 😉

I am SERIOUSLY LOVING this workout program! I can already tell a difference and feel smaller and tighter. I have always been one to use weights to strength train and this is opening up my eyes to an entirely different way to build strength while stretching and scorching calories!!!  Long & Lean —here I come!!!

To be considered for my EXCLUSIVE PIYO TEST GROUP please fill out this application:




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