The 21 Day Fix — Week 2 of Round 2

Week 2 of Round 2 of the 21 Day Fix is ON! I am not going to lie….it was a bit difficult this past weekend to stick with the plan! I was craving sweets, and it didn’t help that my hubby brought home an apple-crisp cake on Saturday night! I ate some of it — and later regretted it. Not only because I really shouldn’t be having it due to having Ulcerative Colitis (and following the SCD lifestyle), but also, because it really wasn’t helping me reach my goals and by following the eating plan on The 21 Day Fix. After following the eating plan for the first round, I felt amazing!! I didn’t have a cloudiness, tired, lethargic feeling. I didn’t have headaches, that feeling of being bloated or that feeling of being absolutely starving!! Where I did fail was….not being prepared this past Saturday! If I had had something in front of me in place of the cake — I would have been fine! Lesson learned!!



So, yesterday began week 2 of Round 2! Back at it and back to being **fully** prepared this time! The grocery shopping is done, the meals are planned, veggies, lean meats, fruits and Shakeology fill my kitchen. I am well-armed to be successful and most importantly, well-armed to feel good! Last night, I was craving something sweet and could have easily gone to town on the jar of peanut butter along with some honey (my only sweetener being on the SCD diet). Instead, I went for the chocolate Shakeology with a little bit of unsweetened coconut milk……delish! It helped me satisfy my craving while feeling good and not regretting the meal!

Week two is going strong! Almost halfway through Round 2 and feeling great! I have never seen the results and the changes that I am seeing in my body, that I am seeing now. If you decide to commit to this, you will not be regretful — you will not be wasting your time — you will be SUCCESFUL!! Contact me for more information and if you would like to participate in my Accountability/Challenge Group! 🙂











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