21 Day Fix RESULTS !!

Well, the last three weeks went by pretty quickly! The first week of The Fix, was a lot of trial and error and figuring out what and how to eat in order to feel full and satisfied throughout the day. That is to be expected when you start something new. I made mistakes, tried new things and definitely have an entirely NEW perspective on HOW to eat to fuel my body and not just to “get by” because I am starving.

Over the past 10+ years, I was always one to exercise and “eat healthy”. For years, I would get up super early and drive to the gym for the early classes, drink my protein shake afterwards and then eat salads, chicken, fruit and veggies throughout the day. I have *never* had results like I have had from completing the 21 Day Fix — seriously! My jeans fit so much better, I can ((actually)) see definition and tone, and I have so much more energy. I don’t have that “tired, lethargic, feel like I’m dragging” feeling during these last three weeks. I am energized, NOT bloated and feel inspired to keep going, because I am actually seeing results!! It’s an amazing feeling to both wake up AND go to bed with a flat tummy.

The design behind this program is to eat a certain amount of protein, carbs and fats each day. You should eat 5-6 small meals each day and eat every 2-3 hours.In order to be successful with this plan, you need to plan ahead. Maybe it’s the teacher in me, but if you fail to plan…..then plan to fail! On Sundays, you should go to the grocery store, after deciding what your meals will consist of for the following week (i.e., Step 1). Take the time to prep your meals and plan ahead for the week. For example, I would buy ground turkey, chicken breasts, eggs, egg whites, turkey bacon and chicken sausage for my proteins. For healthy fats I would have all-natural peanut butter, almonds, avocado and EV coconut oil on hand. Fruits and veggies are super important as well as a little something that will help with any sweet tooth cravings. Shakeology is amazing at helping to curb sweet tooth cravings as well as raisins and honey. Don’t get me wrong, chocolate is allowed on the Fix, just in moderation. Wine is allowed too!! I chose not to have any only because I would rather eat my calories (or containers on this plan) and not drink them.

As far as meal planning goes, you can take the time on Sunday night to bake your chicken breast and ground turkey. You can then portion them out into containers (or tupperware) for the week ahead in order to have them ready to go. Portion out your veggies and fruits and put them in containers as well – if you know you will be pressed for time during the week. Shakeology is a nutrient-dense, all-natural, superfood-filled meal replacement shake that is PERFECT for your breakfast or lunch. Oftentimes, I will add a little unsweetened almond milk to mine and it gives it a creamier taste.

The workouts are only 30 minutes/day and vary from cardio to pilates to toning your upper or lower body, and yoga (I now love yoga)! It’s TOTALLY do-able! I increased my weights in the second week and felt the difference. I think that it helped me to see faster results in addition to ***challenging myself***!!! In order to change yourself — you need to step outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. In order to see and have something that you have never done, you have to do something you have never done. I was doing the same exercise, the same diet – for years, and was expecting to see results! That was where I was wrong. I would change things here and there, and get impatient when I wasn’t seeing results fast enough. I now know, that it takes time, it takes dedication, persistence and consistency in order to see real changes.

My overall results were nothing drastic! I didn’t want to lose too much weight, just mostly wanted to tone and learn how to eat to fuel my body. I lost almost 3 inches and 1.4 pounds. I feel so much better and am excited for Round 2! This time I will be adding more workouts in to my schedule. I love Chalene Extreme and Body Pump, so I may add those in for building muscle. I also love some classes at the gym, and will probably do them too. This is an amazing program that I am now going to use as how I eat. This has been a lifestyle change for me and NOT a diet! It has taught me that you can, in fact, have too much of a good thing. I was definitely not eating the correct amount of carbs vs. fats vs. protein and now I know how to going forward.

Send me an email at spencesara@yahoo.com if you want to join my next *free* Fitness Challenge for The 21 Day Fix!! You can also complete the form above. You won’t be disappointed! 🙂



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