21 Day Fix RESULTS !!

Well, the last three weeks went by pretty quickly! The first week of The Fix, was a lot of trial and error and figuring out what and how to eat in order to feel full and satisfied throughout the day. That is to be expected when you start something new. I made mistakes, tried new things and definitely have an entirely NEW perspective on HOW to eat to fuel my body and not just to “get by” because I am starving.

Over the past 10+ years, I was always one to exercise and “eat healthy”. For years, I would get up super early and drive to the gym for the early classes, drink my protein shake afterwards and then eat salads, chicken, fruit and veggies throughout the day. I have *never* had results like I have had from completing the 21 Day Fix — seriously! My jeans fit so much better, I can ((actually)) see definition and tone, and I have so much more energy. I don’t have that “tired, lethargic, feel like I’m dragging” feeling during these last three weeks. I am energized, NOT bloated and feel inspired to keep going, because I am actually seeing results!! It’s an amazing feeling to both wake up AND go to bed with a flat tummy.

The design behind this program is to eat a certain amount of protein, carbs and fats each day. You should eat 5-6 small meals each day and eat every 2-3 hours.In order to be successful with this plan, you need to plan ahead. Maybe it’s the teacher in me, but if you fail to plan…..then plan to fail! On Sundays, you should go to the grocery store, after deciding what your meals will consist of for the following week (i.e., Step 1). Take the time to prep your meals and plan ahead for the week. For example, I would buy ground turkey, chicken breasts, eggs, egg whites, turkey bacon and chicken sausage for my proteins. For healthy fats I would have all-natural peanut butter, almonds, avocado and EV coconut oil on hand. Fruits and veggies are super important as well as a little something that will help with any sweet tooth cravings. Shakeology is amazing at helping to curb sweet tooth cravings as well as raisins and honey. Don’t get me wrong, chocolate is allowed on the Fix, just in moderation. Wine is allowed too!! I chose not to have any only because I would rather eat my calories (or containers on this plan) and not drink them.

As far as meal planning goes, you can take the time on Sunday night to bake your chicken breast and ground turkey. You can then portion them out into containers (or tupperware) for the week ahead in order to have them ready to go. Portion out your veggies and fruits and put them in containers as well – if you know you will be pressed for time during the week. Shakeology is a nutrient-dense, all-natural, superfood-filled meal replacement shake that is PERFECT for your breakfast or lunch. Oftentimes, I will add a little unsweetened almond milk to mine and it gives it a creamier taste.

The workouts are only 30 minutes/day and vary from cardio to pilates to toning your upper or lower body, and yoga (I now love yoga)! It’s TOTALLY do-able! I increased my weights in the second week and felt the difference. I think that it helped me to see faster results in addition to ***challenging myself***!!! In order to change yourself — you need to step outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. In order to see and have something that you have never done, you have to do something you have never done. I was doing the same exercise, the same diet – for years, and was expecting to see results! That was where I was wrong. I would change things here and there, and get impatient when I wasn’t seeing results fast enough. I now know, that it takes time, it takes dedication, persistence and consistency in order to see real changes.

My overall results were nothing drastic! I didn’t want to lose too much weight, just mostly wanted to tone and learn how to eat to fuel my body. I lost almost 3 inches and 1.4 pounds. I feel so much better and am excited for Round 2! This time I will be adding more workouts in to my schedule. I love Chalene Extreme and Body Pump, so I may add those in for building muscle. I also love some classes at the gym, and will probably do them too. This is an amazing program that I am now going to use as how I eat. This has been a lifestyle change for me and NOT a diet! It has taught me that you can, in fact, have too much of a good thing. I was definitely not eating the correct amount of carbs vs. fats vs. protein and now I know how to going forward.

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Beginner’s Guide to Clean Eating

It can be a difficult transition from not eating clean…to becoming a clean eater! You will certainly see a difference, as well as feel a difference in your body, your clothes and how they fit, in your skin and in your energy levels! Try incorporating a few of these tips into your diet week….by week until they become habit. Once you are fully committed to eating clean, over time, you will not want to go back and eat foods that are not considered “clean”. If you can eat clean 80% of the time, you’re doing great things for your health, your body and for your future!

Clean Eating Guide

Week 1 of The 21 Day Fix — Recap

Week 1 — down! The first week of anything new, can be difficult, different and challenging. The first few days of the Fix were an adjustment – especially in my eating habits! I definitely consider myself a clean eater, and have been for almost a year. This program certainly made me dial into that more and helped me to organize my meals in a more effective and efficient way in order to ((actually)) see results from my workouts! The nutrition portion (NOT a diet) of this plan is based on a 40% carbohydrate 30% protein and 30% fat balanced food plan. I can honestly say that I was OVER eating too much of a good thing — like fruit and almonds, honey, peanut butter and cheese! NO WONDER why I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted to from working out! After only ONE week of doing this workout and eating plan, I have seen some abs actually popping through! My skinny jeans weren’t that difficult to pull on and I have already lost an inch from my hips! ONE INCH!! I am a smaller person, and don’t have a lot to lose – but I DO want to get more toned and more muscular, and can see that I am! One of my challengers lost 10 pounds in two weeks! That IS amazing!  Her goal is to get into her skinny jeans by motorcycle season — and I KNOW she WILL get there as long as she sticks to the plan! The “plan” will not make you starve – that is FOR SURE! Some days, I can’t eat all that I am supposed to. Oftentimes, after dinner, I am so full and can’t finish what is on my plate.  A truly successful plan that helps you to lose weight for LONG-TERM success, will NOT make you starve, it will re-design your way of thinking about food and about preparing your food and how you eat your food. It will also introduce you to effective and realistic exercise routines that WORK. The 21 Day Fix does this! I cannot say enough good things about this plan. Its nothing short of amazing, easy to follow and EFFECTIVE!

Although sweets are allowed on the Fix (in moderation)…as well as wine, it’s always a good idea to have a “back-up” plan in case of emergencies. For example – a sweet tooth craving!! A trick I learned to help curb sweet tooth craving! Besides having my Shakeology to help when I craved something sweet….I would make a mixed fruit bowl (one purple) with a handful of almonds (one blue), cinnamon to taste and 2 tsp of honey (allowed up to 2 times/day). This is SO delicious and you feel so good choosing this option over something that will not help you get to your goals…it is also very satisfying. My 18 month old LOVES this too (minus the almonds) and will often not eat her main meal if I I give this to her first.


Something else I learned….Peanut Butter does not need to be mindlessly eaten with a spoon and jar in hand! I can simply give myself the allowed amount, and I’m perfectly fine and satisfied! This is especially yummy with an apple or a banana, as a snack! 🙂

It also amazes me how quickly I have seen results from the THIRTY  MINUTE workouts! I have long thought that for workouts to be effective, they need to be long, strenuous and at the GYM! NOT TRUE! It all depends on how you use your time to make your workouts most effective. Autumn Calabrese created effective workouts in just 30 minutes. Intervals, cardio that requires your full-body to be engaged, leg day, upper body workouts, pilates and the much needed yoga day, hence the pic below! All of them combined have done wondrous things for my mind, body and spirit! It’s something new and different every day….it’s quick….and I can simply roll out of bed, grab my coffee (of course!) and press play! AND ITS WORKING! What more could you ask for??



Week 2 has begun and I am excited to see more is in store for me! Everyone is a work in progress. No matter where you are in life, stay in faith, choose to live your BEST life and I promise you – happiness will come. You owe it to yourself to feel happy, feel proud and feel beautiful! I believe  that this process will only bring me out better, stronger and smarter than before!