DAY 1 – 21 DAY FIX!! It’s NO JOKE!

DAY 1 - 21 DAY FIX!! It's NO JOKE!

I seriously underestimated this workout! Today was the first day of The 21 Day Fix, for me. I was up early, the house was quiet, coffee in hand (threw a load of laundry in the washing machine – using my time efficiently! LOL), and then I pressed play for Total Body Cardio! O!M!G! – My heart rate was high almost the whole time, I was definitely challenged and I LOVED it!!!! This workout seriously packs a punch! You CAN workout for only 30 minutes and still get a killer calorie burn! You just have to make the BEST use of your time ~ and Autumn certainly does that! Weighted cardio — okay? ‘Nuff said! It was awesome, quick and challenging! I was sweating and breathing heavy….that means it’s working—right? I’m excited for Day 2! Stay tuned….


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