Hey Soul Sister!!

Thank you so much for visiting my page! I know that you stumbled upon it for a reason!!

I am a mommy of two little girls and have been blessed to have found an opportunity to be able to stay home with them to watch them grow and still provide a substantial income! I am making more NOW - than I did in Corporate Finance and Sales.....THAT is crazy!


I have my MBA as well as a Masters in Elementary Education. After years working in Corporate Sales positions & being unfulfilled and limited in growth - I decided to make a CHANGE! I went back to school to become an elementary teacher and at the same time- became pregnant with our first baby girl! I was THRILLED yet STRESSED because my student loans weren't going to pay themselves and we were used to being a two-income family! We made sacrifices and cut back on things but it wasn't exactly FUN & left my hubby working extra hours and me not being able to do much of anything financially....a girl likes to get her nails done every now and then and shop! GAH!

 Call it divine intervention or chance, but it was around this time that I stumbled upon a network marketing  opportunity and just decided to take a chance and see if I could make it work so that I could create a substantial income so that I could stay home with my baby and not miss all of those important moments (Hallelujah chorus)!

 I was certainly BLESSED to have found that opportunity for many reasons, but most importantly, it lit the path for me to become a full-time entrepreneur. I worked in Corporate America for years and always felt stifled, like I was made for MORE. I was working to help build someone else’s dreams, not mine. The 9-5 had its benefits, but I wanted MORE and I wanted to have the time and freedom to LIVE a life that I only dreamed of! It is my belief that were all put on earth to offer something to the world, and to make it BETTER. We all have something special that LIGHTS US UP, that makes us jump out of bed in the morning! THAT is what your life calling is…….

I help women push past their limiting beliefs, give them tools to manifest magic in their lives through one-on-one or group coaching that is needed to UPLEVEL their lives….and I LOVE using the Law of Attraction in my work - it WORKS if you do! I have worked with so many women to help them manifest their dreams…….and I would love to help you too!

THE BEST IS YET TO COME sweet ones!! Please feel free to join my free Facebook group where other women, just like YOU have come together to feel EXCITED about your life’s goals, RELEASE the limiting beliefs, learn how to follow your bliss and find what LIGHTS you up! We were all MADE FOR MORE……



Thanks you for checking out this site…...I look forward to working with you!